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April 29, 2010

Lil' tease...

One more lil' tease for "Copycat" since I just scanned it properly...

April 21, 2010

"Fade/Specters" debacle

Soooo, it's been a long day. I spent hours preping, cutting, and transferring this 22"x30" sketch but when I mounted it on the museum board for some reason there were large areas that didn't adhere and I had to start all over again. I managed to have juuust enough daylight left to transfer the sketch again (I was using the window as a light-box) and I'll find out tomorrow morning if this one adhered properly. If I have to do it a THIRD time I might just go crazy.

"Fade" or "Specters" - sketch for a painting about albinism


Here are process photos from the first time I transferred "Fade/Specters." The window-lightbox method worked well.

Just a sketch of a tiger's head... don't have any purpose for it at the moment.

I drew this yesterday evening and every time I look at it I giggle. The intensity of the raptor is just so funny to me.

"Ignorance is Bliss"

If all goes well I should start painting "Fade/Specters" tomorrow and since it's supposed to be very light and diaphanous it shouldn't take long to complete.

April 19, 2010

Tarnished Tigers

These are some sketches for medium/large paintings for the upcoming June La Luz show and a small one for the upcoming Roq la Rue "Tiger" show. I think they will be acrylic on mounted paper/ acrylic on wood.

This is the sketch for "Copy Cat." I can either paint it 9"x12" for the Roq la Rue show, or ~ 20"x24" for the La Luz show. I blew up the sketch at Kinkos and it looks so good big, but that would mean making a new sketch for Roq. Also, I can't decide which orientation looks best and would love any feedback you guys can give me (see image below). I'm leaning toward the first one because it feels really balanced with the tiger right-way-up, or the second one because it feels really dynamic to have to weight of the tiger hovering over the delicate girl and flowers. What do you guys think?

"Copy Cat" (Bigger image...)

"Orbit" -this'll be about 20"x30" (The hare in the bottom left corner is by far the best part.)

"Ruin" -will also be about 20"x30" (Obviously a rough sketch, that's a floating island with foliage in the background.)

I have a couple more sketches in the works I'm excited about which I'll post soon. Sigh, I love drawing so much, I wish I could just have a show with sketches but alas people just aren't willing to pay much for that kind o' thing.

ALSO! This Saturday the 24th I'll have work up at "Post Penumbra," a show put on by The Upper Six Hundreds. The opening will be from 7pm-midnight and there will be lots of entertaining things going on for the whole duration. The address will be: 1000 S. Hope St, Los Angeles, CA 90015. 5$ at the door. See you there!

April 14, 2010

Working, freaking out, the usual...

"Blind" and "Blot" are both done, here are teasers! Both are india ink and gouache on mounted Stonehenge.

This is the second version of "Blind" I've painted because my chinchilla chewed on the first version. Curses.

These will be for sale at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in the upcoming June show. Close friend and amazingly talented Jessica Dalva will be one of the other artists featured, check out her work here!

I've pretty much finalized the sketch for "Hunt" using the computer to comp sketches together. The background was sketched on a hike up Arroyo Hondo:

This is the composition I came up with for the characters, I think I want to put one more girl in either the foreground in shadow, or in front of the boar being tossed aside:

And here it is all together:

I'm was leaning toward trying to paint this in gouache, buuut the size (10"x20") could be a serious limitation so I might be better off with acrylic. I'm fast running out of time and mildly freaking out... I had so many epic plans and now I'm having to prioritize. My goal is to have all of the paintings for this show done by the end of the month so I can spend the two weeks in May just getting the frames squared away and working on the new bear rug and whatnot.

April 9, 2010

Fashion and Paintings in Progress

First of all, here are the next three paintings I'm working on simultaneously. It took SO long to carefully lay in all the black with ink and black gesso, tomorrow I'll do tones and color and they should be done:

These are a few fashion sketches I did just to practice:

April 3, 2010

LA Weekly: Inked

This is my latest LA Weekly illustration, featured in the LA Life section on page 10. Out on newsstands now!


In print:

Process sketches: